Testimonial Janet

Kerri, you bring me the ability to see myself how I’ve wanted to see myself for years but have been too afraid to. Working with you has allowed me to see myself with love and worth and has taught me that I don’t need to explain myself or my actions to anyone. It is this empowerment that allows me to fully step into living my life on my terms and striving for and achieving any goal I set for myself. Even goals that at one point in time I was too afraid to speak in my head let alone speak out loud. I know that the work I have done with you is just the beginning. You have pushed and continue to push me to embrace and be open to everything that comes with the journey of authentic living and deeper self love, even the hard stuff. And you’ve taught me to do it all while being gentle with myself and still loving me. I am living in grace with your love and guidance as I navigate this stage of my journey. You authentically call bullshit with so much love and compassion when you catch me in self sabotage or limiting narratives and because of this I am now able to catch my own limiting beliefs and patterns with love and laughter. Life is what I want it to be now because I truly know my worth in living it.

Deep heartfelt gratitude and love.

Janet Taylor / Canada

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