A skull for a business logo?

A skull to represent your coaching business? Are you serious… This, the most common comment I hear when I share my business card with people. It’s usually accompanied with a
shake of the head, laughter or some body language that says, this will never work. Look, I get it. It’s not exactly the picture one would expect to stumble across when looking to hire someone to
help support them as they dial in their business practices or start a journey of self discovery. Yet here I am sticking to my choice despite the noise and the eye rolls and creating my branding
around a skull. I suppose for me the better question would be why a skull for a coaching business? If you want the full story, keep reading.

Around the age of 20, I stumbled upon the fact that in some cultures skulls were used as a form
of protection from harm. News to my ears as I really liked the look of skulls. At the time of the
discovery I was headed into what would turn into a year long court case, and was in need of
something that would help carry me through this difficult time in my life. From the moment I
discovered skulls could be used to protect me they became my thing. I started wearing
something with a skull on it every time I showed up for court, the skull giving me the courage to
face whatever was thrown my way during the proceedings.
Once the court case ended, my passion for skulls grew and I started wearing something with a
skull on it every time I found myself trying something new or facing a difficult time. A job
interview? Yup, I’m wearing a skull. Meeting my partner’s mother, you guessed it, rocking
something with a skull on it! For me it was like skulls gave me superpowers, warding off anxiety
and helping me through hard. As time wore on, not only did I love skulls, I had them

From statues, to earrings, shoelaces and clothes, if it had a skull, I was going to own it. So when
I went to visit my sister in CA and she asked if I wanted to get matching tattoos, it naturally
made sense to me to incorporate a skull. She agreed as long as we added flowers to the skull in
order to appeal to her more femine style. I agreed and off we went, excited to share in
something so personal together. Getting the artist to create the tattoo became an event all in
itself and whenever I think back on it, I find myself in tears from laughter. But I’ll save that story
for another time.

What I didn’t know was that this particular visit and all the good times we had together would be
the last time I saw my sister alive. At the age of 44 she passed away, addiction claiming the
beautiful being that she was. Her death rocked my world and as I made a solo cross country trip
back home with her belongings, I vowed that I would change my life and start living more fully
for the both of us. And this is just what I did.

Three years later, after dismantling my whole world and rebuilding it from the ground up, I’m
launching my business into the world. A business that would never have come to fruition had it
not been for my old sister Shelley. So for me it only makes sense to honor her life and what her
death brought to me by using a skull for my brand. But not just any skull. The skull you see is
as best a replica as possible to the tattoo we once both shared on our bodies. I can’t think of a
more fitting way to show gratitude to my sister who through death unwittingly helped me move
through my own addiction and step into my authentic power.

One last note on the skull……. How can I possibly teach people to honor themselves and step
out into the world authentically if I don’t honor myself. For more than 20 years skulls have been
part of my life, healing me, helping me be brave, and forcing me to remain aware of the fact that
one day, I truly will be nothing but a skull. My truth is that if I didn’t incorporate a skull into my
branding I would be failing to show up as my authentic self, failing to unapologetically showcase
all of me, something that I consistently help others do. So with this in mind, I joyfully and with a
full heart welcome my beautiful skull into my branding.
With love and gratitude,

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