Testimonial Abbie

Kerri is a next-level intuitive Coach skilled in pinpointing limiting beliefs, habits, and paradigms that keep you from achieving your goals. She paints concepts & connects ideas using easy-to-understand explanations with her weekly summaries. In the time we have worked together she has inspired me to dig deep, make small changes, reward myself, & overcome limiting blockages allowing me to progress with forward momentum. Kerri has helped me expand my mindset, my health has improved, my world is brighter and lighter, and my business is flourishing.

As I was wanting to find some guidance to level myself & business up, I researched many Coaches. Kerri’s energy, demnor, and vibe spoke powerfully to my soul. Being aware of my tendency of self sabotage & an echoing imposter syndrome, I sought out a Coach who aligned with my energy & would support, empower, & be real with me! I value transparency, honesty, & integrity. It did not take long before Kerri was able to help me see the “why’s” behind my blocks, limiting beliefs, & my resistance. I would love to say I embraced every part of the journey but I would be bullshitting you if I let you believe that. It took alot of internal healing, forgiveness, Selfcare, & reflection to understand why I’m resistant.

After I took ownership I gradually started a shift in my energy & mindset. If there is anyone who could quite possibly be a difficult client, it is me. As I have navigated many changes, seasons, and unpredictable situations Kerri has shown up every step of the way, even when I didn’t! I have spent the better part of my life hearing I was too emotional, so I masked my emotions & buried them deep. The layers I created to “protect” myself have served no healthy purpose in honoring myself. The moment I showed up with unmasked, raw emotions I FELT those floodgates spring wide open! I am proud I showed up with less layers. It was like unlocking the next level, reminding me I’m CAPABLE, Worthy, & not a lost cause for true transformation!!

I wish I had found Kerri years ago! I trust her, I am vulnerable with her, & she gets my journey—feeling seen, heard, & safe was very important to me. I took this leap of faith, went all in, & invested in myself with this opportunity. I found a kind, compassionate, & Authentic human, who met me where I was. Her integrity & ability to guide you into clarity while being patient with your process is one of a kind! If you want to create substantial evolution go all in with Kerri! Kerri has been generous with her time & energy by showing up & holding space even in times of crisis. I recommend working with Coach Kerri to take your life up to the next level!

– Author Abbie Lorene

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