Anita Govender, Belief Transformation Specialist: Interview

Kerri: What is it that belief transformation specialists do? 

Anita: I work at the level of limiting beliefs that are a part of our subconscious. So, in the work that I do, it is a two pronged approach where I work with the limiting beliefs at the level of mind, and then also releasing the energy blockages that are created by those beliefs based on the experiences that we had. And I help facilitate the healing of those blockages and the release of that as well. So, we go from both aspects. And that allows someone to let go of their inherited beliefs, and then form new ones for themselves. And this is, you know, the empowerment piece of them choosing what it is they want going forward.

Kerri: That is so beautiful. And I absolutely love it. Two things I want to highlight before I ask you how you got to this place in your life. The first was that you said, inherited beliefs, right. So, for anybody out there, what I need to point out was you just kind of acquired these beliefs rather than it being something that you chose. Important, because we all sit in guilt and shame over these beliefs we have when really there’s no reason to. And then secondly, I’m highlighting that you facilitate your client’s ability to choose the beliefs that serve them, right, so powerful, because when you are given the ability, you get to create beliefs that make you feel so good. I love the work you’re doing. And I really appreciate it because I really believe that as people start to recognize that they have the power of choice within their subconscious, we will inevitably see a more loving, compassionate world.

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