A Love Letter. To The Man I Divorced Today

A love letter. To the man I divorced today. To you, the one who will forever hold a piece of my heart. I arrived at the courthouse early. The anticipation of what was to come weighing heavily on my heart. Taking a seat I began to observe the people passing by, some smiling and joyous, […]

A skull for a business logo?

A skull to represent your coaching business? Are you serious… This, the most common comment I hear when I share my business card with people. It’s usually accompanied with ashake of the head, laughter or some body language that says, this will never work. Look, I get it. It’s not exactly the picture one would […]

K – is for Kind

KERRI LEWIS: What can I say about her. In the short amount of time that I have known Kerri, I can tell others much about the person that I know her to be. KERRI is kind. Understanding. A real keeper of a friend. She is compassionate and a brave soul. K – IS FOR KIND. […]

Testimonial Miniville

I was never quite sure about myself at any point in time. I do not claim to be now, but I can say, I have a better idea of who I want to be, because of Kerri, and her guidance. In past years I have struggled deeply with many issues. Issues I am quite sure […]

Testimonial Johnson

I am a woman with many deep traumas. I met Kerri on Clubhouse in the group called Parents Never Give Up and after speaking with her on a couple of occasions, I decided to find her on Facebook to get an idea of who she was as a person. I continue to read her posts. […]

Testimonial Eric

I’ve been working with Kerri now for over 10 months. I had severe injuries from a car accident and she developed a personalized workout plan for me that has really worked! We do core training along with cardio and strength intervals. I am definitely stronger now and feel better than I have in many years, […]

Shit Happens

As I woke this morning, I immediately thought, fuck…. I missed my first class with Kathleen, I have 3 minutes to get ready to jump into the study group and my head is pounding. As I have been conditioned for many years, I hurriedly started trying to get myself together so I wouldn’t look half […]

A year of deep healing

Time and surroundings: 2022 baby……… the sweetness of it has been calling my name! 2021 was a year of deep healing and transformation for me. I spent much of my time alone, reflecting on the life I had and the life I want to create. Much of my time was spent challenging myself to simply […]