Moments of Kerri's Life

New Levels Bring New Devils

Learn how to overcome self-sabotage and embrace new levels of success. Discover the impact of limiting beliefs and how to combat them. Gain insights into the importance of self-awareness and resilience in achieving your goals.

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Just Write

I love everything about writing. I love the way my fingertips hit the keyboard as I type a sentence. I love the way each word

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Empowering My Teen

Empowering my teen Walking in the house this morning after running around since 530am getting people to their appointed places I thought, yes, a couple

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Coach While preparing for my run today I solidified my decision to take my grand nephew(a mixed breed dog named Steel) with me. My hesitation

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Coming Undone

Coming Undone I’d like to come on here and say, I’ve got it together. All the self care tools I’ve acquired over the years have

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Shit Happens

As I woke this morning, I immediately thought, fuck…. I missed my first class with Kathleen, I have 3 minutes to get ready to jump

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