Growth Amidst Death

Growth amidst death Death does not escape anyone. The moment we are born, our body starts its slow descent back into the universe in which it was born….. How beautiful! But physical death is not the only death we experience. Deep loss is also death. Death of hopes and dreams, death of arms wrapped around […]


Coach While preparing for my run today I solidified my decision to take my grand nephew(a mixed breed dog named Steel) with me. My hesitation was that while he is the sweetest thing, he’s a bit of a lug. And to be clear, when I say lug, I mean, afraid of his own shadow. Afraid […]

Combating my daughters anxiety

Combating my daughter’s anxiety one walk at a time. The girls hate it! At least once a week and then both yesterday and today I greet them after school. With a smile and hugs I say “ 20 mins and we are leaving for a walk”. You’d think I just slapped them.  Eyes rolling, doors […]