Empowering My Teen

Empowering my teen Walking in the house this morning after running around since 530am getting people to their appointed places I thought, yes, a couple minutes of ME  time before I have to dive into work. Oh how sweet the thought!  After grabbing my coffee, I headed to my room preparing to immerse myself in […]

Combating my daughters anxiety

Combating my daughter’s anxiety one walk at a time. The girls hate it! At least once a week and then both yesterday and today I greet them after school. With a smile and hugs I say “ 20 mins and we are leaving for a walk”. You’d think I just slapped them.  Eyes rolling, doors […]

Shit Happens

As I woke this morning, I immediately thought, fuck…. I missed my first class with Kathleen, I have 3 minutes to get ready to jump into the study group and my head is pounding. As I have been conditioned for many years, I hurriedly started trying to get myself together so I wouldn’t look half […]