Testimony Ian

Kerri’s authenticity and wisdom are palpable immediately. She shows up with her fullest energy each and every time we meet: she’s an example of how I aspire to be and present in my life. “I’ll gut you like a fish!” is a catchphrase that made me chuckle when I first heard it, but Kerri delivers […]

Testimonial Amber

Kerri is a wealth of knowledge, a true light and someone who has encouraged me to be my authentic self. I appreciate her candor and how she pushes me to explore my feelings and thoughts in a healthy way.

Testimonial Meaghan

Literally just ran into her on Facebook during a time I was ready to just give up on me and life. Reached out because I needed help with my way of thinking and realized I can’t do it myself. She has pushed me, repeatedly redirected my thoughts and my mind. She knows exactly what you […]


Adriana Ojeda-Joslyn, Executive Director Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center Kerri was asked to provide a 6 week workshop for community members at my non profit. Lunch and Learn is an activity we host weekly to give people in the community an opportunity to come together and learn something new. This workshop was designed to help […]

Testimonial Janet

Let go of all self judgment”. Thanks to Kerri supporting me for the period of our coaching together, I know and am often reminded of one simple truth… if I don’t put my self care first, I am of no use to anyone I love and care about. Kerri will speak her truth to you […]

Testimonial Melissa

Kerri is kind, encouraging, and inspiring. Her ability to read you, motivate you and work with you is what really guides the continued progress that I continue to aspire towards. I highly recommend giving her your time – since I have- my coping skills and choice of utilizing them has been life changing.All my love– […]

Testimonial Erik

Kerri Lewis is the #1 person you didn’t know you needed in your life! Even the best of us need room for improvement sometimes regardless of our capabilities. Kerri has a way of bonding with you and creating loyalty through respect and determination. If you need to regain control and clarity in your life, lose […]

Video Testimonial Lindsay Hite

Kerri Lewis has helped me change my business and LIFE for the better! I initially began working with her because I was experiencing anxiety about growing my business after being in survival mode during 2020, and encountering internal blocks and resistance in the form of self Sabotage. I could sense a big shift that was […]

Testimonial Victoria

Whether you are addicted to perfectionism, overthinking, overworking, or other ways of numbing and limiting yourself, Kerri is the right person to coach you. Kerri is insightful and energetically in tune with her clients. She is a dedicated and supportive coach who goes above and beyond the call of duty. She sends encouraging messages, responds […]

Video Testimonial Rose Kaz

Kerri has been helping me significantly with three important things for me in my business. One is my mindset. Kerri shows up authentically and encourages others to do this as well.