Combating my daughters anxiety

Combating my daughter’s anxiety one walk at a time.

The girls hate it! At least once a week and then both yesterday and today I greet them after school. With a smile and hugs I say “ 20 mins and we are leaving for a walk”. You’d think I just slapped them. 

Eyes rolling, doors slamming and yup, that nasty urghhhh that rolls so easily off my girls tongue, the girls trudge out the door. Sometimes fighting between the two of them ensues, sometimes one of them storms off ahead, refusing to talk to me because from their perspective, I suck. Sometimes deafening silence. 

Inevitably halfway through the 2 mile walk, the girls start talking. Laughing at something that transpired in school, showing me a dead animal they stumbled upon, attempting to outrun me(not happening). The effects were of being in nature, of moving their bodies taking hold. So fucking cool to witness.

As I continue to implement new ways of helping my girls combat anxiety and navigate their own emotions , I’m realizing sometimes all I need to do is put on my sneakers, stand my ground and take them for a walk. More easily said than done but worth it!

Each time we’ve walked, I have been met with less resistance about going to school, minimizing screen time, doing something creative. The girls fall asleep more easily, fight less and there is more sparkle in their eyes…. All this, from a walk.

As a woman who’s striving to do what some would say impossible. Bucking society’s norms, chasing my version of happy and trusting that despite outward appearances, all is ok, standing my ground and dealing with a massive attitude from my daughters can be the icing on the top of already emotionally exhausted. Despite this, each time I think about caving( which I do often), think about letting them take the day off, I’m reminded of the joy I know I’ll inevitably witness in them if I just hold true to my convictions….. I remind myself that the battles are worth knowing I’m helping them take command of their lives….. I think, one day they’re going to turn to me and say, “mom, thanks for the walks’ ‘. With these thoughts in mind, I dig up my emotional reserve, dig in my heels and we get to walking.

Some of my best moments ever! And all because, anxiety came knocking at my daughter’s doorstep

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