Having the Tough Conversations Community

Having The Tough Conversations – Your Personal Journey to Mental Wellness and Effective Communication is your personal gateway to self-care, well-being, and effective communication.

Taking care of your emotional and physical needs can be challenging, but I’m here to guide you through the process – providing the compassion, understanding, and accountability you need on your mental wellness journey, with a strong focus on improving your communication skills.

In this community, we believe in the power of open and honest dialogue as the cornerstone of self-care, mental wellness, and personal growth, and emphasize the importance of effective communication in all aspects of your life.

Features & Pricing

Weekly 1-Hour Group Coaching Calls

Every week you’ll have the opportunity to attend one live coaching call. You’ll join along with your fellow community members where you are encouraged to share the things going on in your life that you need coaching on.

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Access to a Private Facebook Group

This is where you’ll connect with other group members, gain access to additional content, and chat with me directly.

A Supportive Community

We are a diverse and caring community that’s ready to share experiences, offer encouragement, and celebrate your successes.

Empowering Conversations

You’ll be encouraged to explore the emotional and psychological aspects of your life, addressing issues like anxiety, depression, stress, and more. Here, you can engage in conversations that help you grow and heal.

Holistic Self-Care

We believe in the deep interconnection of mental wellness with physical health & well-being. Our holistic self-care approach, with a strong accountability component, includes discussions on nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, meditation, and more, all while keeping you on track with your self-care and communication goals.

Accountability Partners

Within the group you will have the opportunity to pair up with accountability partners who will support and motivate you in your journey toward well-being, self-care, and improved communication, ensuring that you remain on course.

Expert Guidance

Our community is fortunate to include access to mental health experts, wellness coaches, and experienced communicators who provide valuable insights and resources to help you on your self-care journey, hold you accountable to your growth, and support your communication skill development.


This community encourages self-reflection and exploration, helping you uncover your inner strength, find peace within yourself, and become a more effective communicator while staying accountable for your progress.


Access to a wealth of resources, including articles, webinars, and recommended books to support your personal growth, self-care practices, and communication skills, assisting you in your journey of accountability.

A Safe-Space

Your well-being and privacy are paramount. We have strict guidelines to ensure a safe and respectful environment.

Real Transformation

The goal is to help you transform your life, equipping you with the tools to face challenges, grow from them, and maintain accountability on the path to contentment, balance, and effective communication through self-care.

How to Register

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