A year of deep healing

Time and surroundings:

2022 baby……… the sweetness of it has been calling my name!

2021 was a year of deep healing and transformation for me. I spent much of my time alone, reflecting on the life I had and the life I want to create. Much of my time was spent challenging myself to simply live in the moment, trusting that what is meant for me will find its way in my life. And find its way, it has! From unexpected love to new business, deeper connections with family, new friends and rekindled friendships, 2021 was truly my unfolding…..

As I looked forward towards 2022, knowing I have lofty dreams and a vision of my version of happiness, I took stock of my environment and made the decision to recommit to what has served me well in the past. Creating a visual reminder to serve as my  North Star, a creative life road map so to speak to keep me pointing in the right direction when things get hard. And believe me, chasing authentic joy and happiness can get HARD!

On 12/30/21 I started compiling pictures and words that spoke to my vision of living my best life. I cut, glued and pasted until I thought my ideal life was represented in visual form. Just when I thought it was done, it felt incomplete. So I went back to it, day after day, making small tweaks, adding new words and pictures until today, when I stepped back and looked at my life/business project and it finally felt complete.

Thank god! While I like to create, arts and crafts is usually up there on the list of my kind of hell things to do.

As I examined my work I thought, yup…… When shit gets sticky, I know exactly where I’m headed. I know what my focus must be at all times and I know that so long as I follow my heart, which is displayed for all to see, I am going to live out my version of living my best life. Whoop whoop!

As I grinned ear to ear, looking at my life in the form of wall art, I wondered, how many people take the time to invest in creating a road map of their future? Better yet, how many people spend time ensuring their surroundings are conducive to supporting a positive mind set, a must have if you are chasing your version of happiness?

The reality is, no matter what you are chasing, the chase gets hard. You will be knocked down, someone will tell you that your dreams are crazy, you will lose a loved one, a relationship, your health. No matter how hard you plan, life is inevitably going to get in the way of your goals. This is why visual reminders are helpful. When you find yourself eating pay dirt, being able to look around you and be reminded of your “WHY” helps get you back on track more quickly. Look, we know hard is going to happen, why not plan ahead and kick hard in the ass?

Today is January 4th….. 4 days into a new year. What have you spent your time on? Have you planned how you see 2022 unfolding for you? If not, why not start today? Take some time and consider how you want this year, this month, this week, this day to unfold. Be intentional and have some fun spending time creating visual reminders that will serve you when things get hard.

Time is our most precious resource. Why not spend some of your time investing in yourself? YOU are worth it! There is no TIME like the present to create the life you want…….


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