Helping When Someone You Love is Hurting

The reality is, our job is to really nurture and take care of ourselves, and to find joy, despite the experiences that our loved ones are going through.

One of the most important reasons is that we are not effectively able to show up in a meaningful and empowered way, if we’re absorbing somebody else’s experience.

You’re not only protecting your internal emotional state, you’re allowing yourself to stay calm, grounded. It is not our job to take on the experience of another person, even if we love them. It’s our job to take care of ourselves. It really is in a meaningful way.

Allow yourself to do what you need to do, to take care of yourself, whether that’s taking a break from being in this situation, taking a walk to reset your energy, or drinking water. And do it without feeling like you’re bad for doing it. Because too often, the choices that we make are made out of guilt, out of feelings of responsibility, feelings of this is what is expected of me to feel so I’m going to feel it. And the reality is, that’s the very thinking that keeps you emotionally unavailable to actually be of service in a meaningful way to the person who is going through the hard time.

So your homework this week, next week and for the rest of your life is to show up and live. Live in joy. Live abundantly with play.

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