Addiction And Mental Health Recovery Coaching

I am a coach for people who are tired of going along just to get along,  who are stuck in what feels like an unfulfilling life, helping them liberate themselves and move from a place of existing to a place of fully living.  My passion is helping people determine what truly fills their cup, identify and address limiting beliefs and provide support to help them finally live a life designed by them.


I focus on implementing new behaviors that support a healthier mind, body and spirit, reprogramming limiting beliefs and creating new beliefs that support living a fully expressed life. With my support, you will develop a new awareness of self, release blocks that keep you from showing up as your authentic self and implement new strategies to help you create a new more fulfilling reality.


I am present, I guide and I witness as you do the work to become the highest expression of yourself

3 months of coaching:

  • Weekly 1:1 sessions
  • Daily accountability custom meditations
  • Emergency support available via phone or Zoom
  • Paid in full up front


6 months of coaching

  • Weekly 1:1 sessions
  • Daily accountability custom meditations
  • Emergency support available via phone or Zoom
  • Paid in full up front

My Soul in Writing

RJ Johnson: Forgiveness

Next on “What’s your story?”: I am beyond privileged and excited to introduce my guest, RJ, who has a really powerful story about forgiveness, redemption, and healing in prison.

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Life Is Meant to Be Fun!

My topic for today is laughter- more importantly, fun.
I’ve recently connected with several people who the very thought of fun is foreign to them, which is incredibly telling as to why they’re struggling emotionally, physically. Because the reality is, life is meant to be fun. And we have been conditioned to work, and work, and work and stress. And we’ve lost sight of the fact that
we should be able to experience moments of joy.
Do you really think that we exist in the human body to grow, go to school, go to more school, get a job, buy a house, get a partner, have 2.5 kids a dog, go to work, and rinse and repeat until we retire? And then hopefully, we’ll have enough energy to go do the things that we’ve always wanted to do. I don’t believe that’s the case. It is when we incorporate intentional moments of fun, in every single day of our lives, that we are able to tap into that experience of growth, of creativity, of peace.
If I’m feeling particularly anxious or overwhelmed by the circumstances that I am going through in my life, or with something I’m contending with at work, I will stop and lean more intentionally into doing something fun. When you take yourself out of the angst, you give yourself permission to leave it on the table and do something differently. More often than not, when I’m having fun, creative solutions come to me. I’m able to
come up with an idea or a thought that will either free me from the anxiety completely, or allow me to take action so that I can
move through the difficult situation.

What do you do for fun?
Can you give yourself permission today to do something unexpected and joyful for yourself? Go for a walk. Sing your favorite song. Dance like a fool.
I promise you, you won’t regret it. Your mental health won’t regret it. Your body won’t regret it. And because we are all consciously connected, the people around you will really benefit from it too.

Until next time, be well and show up in kindness and love for yourself.

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Anita Govender, Belief Transformation Specialist: Interview

Kerri: What is it that belief transformation specialists do?

Anita: I work at the level of limiting beliefs that are a part of our subconscious. So, in the work that I do, it is a two pronged approach where I work with the limiting beliefs at the level of mind, and then also releasing the energy blockages that are created by those beliefs based on the experiences that we had. And I help facilitate the healing of those blockages and the release of that as well. So, we go from both aspects. And that allows someone to let go of their inherited beliefs, and then form new ones for themselves. And this is, you know, the empowerment piece of them choosing what it is they want going forward.

Kerri: That is so beautiful. And I absolutely love it. Two things I want to highlight before I ask you how you got to this place in your life. The first was that you said, inherited beliefs, right. So, for anybody out there, what I need to point out was you just kind of acquired these beliefs rather than it being something that you chose. Important, because we all sit in guilt and shame over these beliefs we have when really there’s no reason to. And then secondly, I’m highlighting that you facilitate your client’s ability to choose the beliefs that serve them, right, so powerful, because when you are given the ability, you get to create beliefs that make you feel so good. I love the work you’re doing. And I really appreciate it because I really believe that as people start to recognize that they have the power of choice within their subconscious, we will inevitably see a more loving, compassionate world.

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Testimony Ian

Kerri’s authenticity and wisdom are palpable immediately. She shows up with her fullest energy each and every time we meet: she’s an example of how

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