Shit Happens

As I woke this morning, I immediately thought, fuck…. I missed my first class with Kathleen, I have 3 minutes to get ready to jump into the study group and my head is pounding. As I have been conditioned for many years, I hurriedly started trying to get myself together so I wouldn’t look half dead while in my zoom meeting. As I went to move from bed, I laughed and said to myself, nah…. I’m not doing this shit anymore! I’ve trained my mind and spirit far too well to be reverting back to old patterns of behavior. I decided to stick to my morning routine, which prepares me to embrace the day as my best version of myself rather than hurriedly try and make a group that I can easily catch tomorrow…..

As I stood firm in my decision, my body immediately aligned with my soul and I was instantly brought to a state of calm…. I drank my water, listened to affirmations, meditated and went through my gratitude practice…. All is well in my world. Despite a few unexpected events….

You see, not only did I wake up late today, but I’m also laid up due to an ankle injury I incurred yesterday while out on a run with my fur nephew. Despite knowing my training partner can be unpredictable, I chose to let him guide me and when he stopped short from a full run, I rolled my ankle as I fell forward, and worked to not take him out in the process. Fun times……

Seriously though, I spent 30-60 seconds pissed. Knowing I just got more than just a walk off injury, I swore and told Steel I was mad at him. That it was his fault I was hurt and that I was never taking him with me for a run again. Damn you Steel……. Or?

Fortunately, my mindfulness training kicked in and I took in several deep breaths. I quickly calmed down and told myself, this is neither bad nor good. It is what it is. I grabbed Steel and apologized for being angry at him. I told him it was my fault I was injured and that it’s ok that he was just being who he was. I mean really, how can I fault him for doing exactly what he does, every day of the week? I can’t….

Knowing something was wrong, he tried to comfort me as I rose to my feet and called for the girls to go get help….. loyal guy, sticking with me despite my frustration with him!

After limping halfway home, my ride showed up and I proceeded to assess the damage. I knew I would not be running for a while and that any major training I had planned for the week was sidelined. Not ideal for someone who has a photoshoot in a couple months and has a physical goal to reach before then. Gotta get my white girl booty gains!

Still, as I took stock of where I was, I reminded myself, I am super fortunate.  While I may be injured, there are a lot worse things that could have happened to me. I could have been alone, I could have fallen into oncoming traffic, I could have injured more than my ankle and hand, worst, I could have injured Steel with my fall. None of this and more came to pass and I decided to choose gratitude rather than pity when looking at my situation. Thank you UNIVERSE! 🤗

So now it stands, I can’t walk at the moment. Can’t train the way I would like and I need to lean on others at the moment so that my basic needs are met…. Like drinking water, eating etc….. back to learning humility…. And here I thought I passed this…. 🤦‍♀️

Am I mad? Nope! I’m choosing to use this experience as yet another beautiful lesson, showing me that life is truly neither good nor bad. It’s simply our perception of it, our labeling that defines how we feel and ultimately respond to it. Ahhhhh the simplicity of it all. I know, I know…. I’m catching mad eye rolls…. It’s cool, I get it!

As I lay in bed, looking forward to the next moment of my day, I know I’m exactly where I need to be! I know I will find alternatives to my training routine so I don’t fall off track, I know I’ll take time to study my class material on my own and show up prepared and excited to engage with group tomorrow. I know I’ll remain loving and compassionate toward myself and others and most importantly, I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be on this crazy life journey of mine….. Damn I love this ride!

The reality is my beautiful friends, life happens. Change is constant and more often than not, unexpected events come out of nowhere, knocking us off or at least providing a detour from our current path. The important thing to remember is that you get to decide how the event impacts you. Are you going to let it stop your progress, striving forward or are you going to look for the lesson, look for ways to keep momentum going despite the adversity? I don’t know about you but I’m going to keep moving forward…. I have too much to offer this world, too much love to share and too many goals to reach. Life may throw curveballs but I catch them bitches and throw them back…… my hope is that you do as well because the world needs what you have to offer, the beauty that is uniquely you…… rather than letting life knock you down, my hope for you is that you stand and say let’s DANCE bitch! I can handle this, can you handle ME?

With so much love and gratitude

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