I’ve spent my life healing from traumas – abuses, addictions, accidents, losses, lost jobs, ruined relationships – and learning to embrace and accept great blessings – my two beautiful girls, my life’s calling, multiple leadership roles, and many meaningful connections.

I used to wonder why all those terrible things were happening to me.

As I healed, I realized every experience was bringing me to this – the chance to inspire and change lives, every day.

My mission is to hold space for people to share their truth, empower them to take control of their minds, and support them as they reclaim their authentic selves and start living life rather than being afraid of it.


The Importance of Tough Conversations
Tiny Habits Create A Joyful Life
Confessions of a Successful Quitter
Self-Care for Success
Leaving the Victim at the Door
Don’t Resist Your Emotions
How Asking For Help Saved My Life
Your Addiction Does Not Define You
Celebrating Your Wins is the Key


I hold a special place in my heart for speaking to teenagers and young adults, as that’s when my life’s journey really took a turn.

My goal is to teach them mental health tools and strategies so that they can deal with stressors without leaning into addictive behaviors and additions.

It’s so critical that young adults learn how to communicate effectively, share their truths, and have the tough conversations needed to assure their needs are met.

Speaking History

The Importance of Self-Care

Communicating with Compassion (6-Week Course)

The Importance of Self-Care


I love being a guest on podcasts where we can discuss all things mental health along with the tools and strategies to maintain a strong foundation so that people can avoid or overcome addiction and addictive behaviors.

So many people were never taught how to communicate effectively, share their truths in a safe space, set boundaries, or have tough conversations.

By having open conversations on podcasts, I can lead by example, showing others what sharing truths and being vulnerable looks like.

Podcast History

The Importance of Taking Care of Yourself and Knowing Yourself Before You Get into a Relationship

January 2024

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Talking Sassi About Abuse: How Addiction Plays a Role In DV and What to Do to Break the Cycle

November 2023

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My Story of Leading People with a Servant’s Heart

October 2023

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Examining Your House of Cards is a Conversation Around Conditioning, Patterns of Behavior, and Embedded Beliefs

August 15, 2023

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My Story of Overcoming

July 10, 2023

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