Stop Negative Thinking

We get so caught up in judging ourselves for not taking an action that we made a promise to take, that we don’t take the action.


We need to be constantly reminded that unless we take conscious, consistent action, to rewire our minds, it’s inevitably going to default thinking negatively. Once you catch yourself not following through with the action that you made a commitment to, you just immediately do it. You just do it.


Why is that important? It stops the cycle of negative thinking.

It gives you the ability to celebrate yourself for remembering to do the thing you made a promise to do. Instead of beating yourself up for not following through, you’ve shifted the experience, and now you get to celebrate yourself. And when you do that enough times over and over and over- you rewire your brain to trust yourself.


That’s really what my work is with all my clients, and anybody who I touch and sprinkle love on, even if it’s just one interaction. What I’m trying to teach is that you can save, heal, and take care of yourself. You do not need external anything to take care of yourself. So often, we seek external information or external resources to take care of ourselves. When we’re doing that, we miss the thing right in front of us that can help us in that moment. That is why it’s really, really important to take small actions, stick to them consistently, and then celebrate them over and over and over again. That starts to build up your reserve of trust for yourself.


It’s just gonna take time. It’s just gonna take repeated consistent action. If you follow through on that one small thing, without beating yourself up, every time you forget, and you just take the action in that moment, you will expand kindness and compassion towards yourself. Which inevitably enables you to show up in the world as a kinder and more compassionate person.

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