Testimonial Anastasia

I have known Kerri Lewis for a year after meeting her through a networking group we were both a part of. As we began to get to know each other, we talked about our lives, our joys, our wins and also our challenges and struggles.  Kerri listened as a friend and supported me as the wonderful coach that she is.  

We also did some “facebook lives” weekly for a couple of months and discussed mental health, emotional health, energy and practical things people could do daily to feel better.  It was chalk full of information.  Kerri is a wealth of knowledge having studied for many, many years and she continues to educate herself on a variety of spiritual and wellness topics.  

She combines knowledge and practical experience all the while inspiring others to release limiting beliefs, push through their blocks and work towards their goals.  She is truly a powerhouse and incredibly inspirational.  Her style is uniquely her own, showing up real in each moment and supporting others to be their real, authentic selves. She supported me for several months with something I was struggling with in my business.She listened and asked thought provoking questions.  She challenged me and she held space for me to explore myself more during a challenging time. 

I would highly recommend reaching out to her to schedule a discovery call with her to see if she would be a good fit to work with you personally, professionally or both.  

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