Testimonial Johnson

I am a woman with many deep traumas. I met Kerri on Clubhouse in the group called Parents Never Give Up and after speaking with her on a couple of occasions, I decided to find her on Facebook to get an idea of who she was as a person. I continue to read her posts. I felt like she was a person I could connect with. I started to message her on FB and each time we interacted she was always so uplifting, supportive and most of all she was an amazing listener.

After a few messages I decided to video call her one day as I was having a melt down and was emotionally disturbed. Kerri asked me if I could put my baby girl down as she is 5 months, and I was extremely tense. Kerri then walked me through an exercise that helped me breathe and calm down. Given that I have never had the proper coping skills to manage my emotions and was raised to not feel, this was a new experience for me. That same day Kerri offered to work with me and despite being scared and fearful due to trust issues, Kerri’s demeanor allowed me to open up and accept her help. Despite my fear, I immediately felt at ease and that I could relate to her. I decided to allow her to work with me. After a couple days I was comfortable enough to share and release my deep deep traumas I have been carrying since childhood and oh my gosh how I felt so much better.

I would get up every morning doing the things Kerri suggested I add to my daily routine. Simple things like practice gratitude, give myself a hug and to tell myself that I am beautiful, I am amazing, I am a woman who deserves to be loved and respected. This practice led to more I AM’s. Kerri would send me positive things to read every morning and referred me to two books that helped me understand why I used to self-harm, why I was always so defensive, why I was shutting down emotionally. One of the books also explained how trauma impacts the brain from infancy and beyond. I started to see and feel a shift in my soul because I was able to talk to someone who I felt comfortable relating to. Kerri provided a safe space for me to release my deep traumas and once this happened, the healing began slowly.

I am so thankful and blessed to be working with Kerri as she’s not only a coach who guided me and helped me with my traumas, but she is someone who I can consider a friend as well. Anyone who works with Kerri is a person who will be blessed. This said, you have to trust what she tells you as it may seem funny to a shattered hurt person. Abuse and trauma lead to mental and physical damage but when you can tell yourself that “you love you” and hug yourself, eventually it does something to the soul. Through my work with Kerri, I had knots in my shoulders that loosened without going to a masseuse.

Kerri is an amazing woman to help others understand their worth despite being impacted by heinous trauma. I recommend her to other hurt people because I am 34 and now fully starting

to let go of my deep traumas. If you or anyone you know is serious about wanting to heal 8from trauma than this is your perfect coach for that.

-J. Johnson / Portland, OR

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