Testimonial Lindsay

Kerri Lewis has helped me change my business and LIFE for the better! I initially began working with her because I was experiencing anxiety about growing my business after being in survival mode during 2020, and encountering internal blocks and resistance in the form of self Sabotage. I could sense a big shift that was about to occur and I wanted to embrace it and step into my next level of success. As a small business owner who started as a solo-prenuer, I was nervous about growing my team and delegating effectively while maintaining high quality, consistent results for my clients. I knew Kerri had keen insight into how to improve processes and systems from her experience working with corporations and organizations with many moving parts, and this didn’t come naturally to me. However, she has also helped me step into my role as a confident, clear and compassionate leader for my growing team. My team and I became more confident and effective together and independently as our roles became more well defined thanks to the insightful questions Kerri asked me, which allowed me to help identify each team member’s zone of genius and communicate with them more clearly so expectations are aligned and even add a new position and hire someone perfectly suited to thrive in this new role. This all became apparent through the clarity achieved with Kerri’s help.

Kerri has also intuitively, and compassionately helped me step into my power personally through challenging seasons of transition while strengthening my personal relationships with clarity, grace and strength. 

She is helping me unlock another level of success and abundance personally and professionally using my own unique strengths.

If I could describe what I have gained through working with Kerri in a few words it would be:




and Transformation

If you are someone who feels like you are ready for the next step, but you’re not sure what that is or you want to step more fully into the version of yourself that you know you are meant to be but you can sense something is holding you back, you need to work with Kerri. 

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