Testimonial Miniville

I was never quite sure about myself at any point in time. I do not claim to be now, but I can say, I have a better idea of who I want to be, because of Kerri, and her guidance.

In past years I have struggled deeply with many issues. Issues I am quite sure many of you can relate to. Whether it be marriage/family, weight/self-esteem, alcoholism/addiction, many of us struggle.

When Kerri and I started working together my perception on life changed. I will not claim to have it all together. But I know where I need to be, what I need to do, and who I am. I learned that from Kerri.

When Kerri reached out to me, \she did it with care. She noticed my struggles and wanted to help. There was no judgement, ever! She wanted me to be my best self; to remember that I too, matter!

Kerri held me accountable. She was sure to call me and meet with me regularly. She sends inspiring messages daily. She reminds me to not put the emphasis on the past, but to live in the present, one minute at a time. I will falter, this is a given. But I need to celebrate the wins. The small stuff matters so much more than I ever realized. I work out when I can, and I take that as a win. I may not ALWAYS have a great day with the family, but do any of us? I take the time to journal, and reflect, and feel!

One of the most important things Kerri has taught me is how important self-care is. It is so easy to say and to hear… doing it, taking the initiative to take a step back from your busy life, it’s hard as hell. However, it is so important. If you can put in the work, Kerri can help you. Her inspiration and love is beyond what I have seen from anyone else I have ever known.

Kerri, you are an amazing person. So wise. Thank you for being you. I know it was not easy. It took you years to get to where you are. I pray to be as peaceful and wise as you are someday.

M.M./ Worcester MA

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