Testimonial Pam

I have been working with Kerri for a few months now. I want to let the world know how much Kerri Lewis has helped me.  I have a story of complete loss, depression and feeling as if I couldn’t go on.

I don’t know if I should call myself a client or a patient, as she has helped me more than my doctors. 

We have our sessions that I look so forward to even though 50 thousand emotions come up.  We talk through them all.  There is crying and laughter, however the part I want to celebrate is the healing.

I have come a long way with Kerri and rather quickly, I must add, considering I was emotionally destroyed for the last two years.  I now feel lighter, I notice precious things around me and have learned to look for the gratitude within me.  

Kerri helps in many ways.  She sends me beautiful sayings and guides me to look in the directions that will serve my soul better. 

Thank you, Kerri, for all your wisdom and understanding. You truly are helping me to heal.  What a great feeling. 

With sincere gratitude,

Pam C.

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