Adriana Ojeda-Joslyn, Executive Director Pleasant Street Neighborhood Network Center

Kerri was asked to provide a 6 week workshop for community members at my non profit. Lunch and Learn is an activity we host weekly to give people in the community an opportunity to come together and learn something new. This workshop was designed to help people gain insight and skills on how to have difficult conversations in all aspects of their lives. 

Over the course of six weeks the group learned things like emotions, brain function, self-care and self-esteem. Kerri uses storytelling to engage the audience and gives space for self reflection. During the workshop participants were provided with written materials to follow along with. The group seemed to enjoy the workshops and often stayed after to continue conversations.  

I feel this workshop was beneficial to the participants in many ways. Kerri created a space that was safe, non judgmental, and comfortable for the participants to share their experiences. This space helped the participants learn they are not alone and that many people struggle with difficult or uncomfortable conversations. 

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