Testimony Ian

Kerri’s authenticity and wisdom are palpable immediately. She shows up with her fullest energy each and every time we meet: she’s an example of how I aspire to be and present in my life.

“I’ll gut you like a fish!” is a catchphrase that made me chuckle when I first heard it, but Kerri delivers on it! I have never had anyone in my life so willing to push me, or rather get me to push (and forgive) myself. More of us need to show up for each other in the ways that Kerri models (at quite a value I might add!).

Look, I don’t even realize all of what having a voice of truth can mean for me living a much more rewarding life. Can I show up for myself as fully as Kerri does? Talking with her I have learned and believe that it’s possible.

I’m confident that anyone reading this can benefit profoundly by opening up to Kerri.

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